Vocal Coaching

“Using a mix of practical experience and technical knowledge, my goal is to nurture and instruct developing singers and advise and support experienced ones.”

Why use a Vocal Coach and how is a Vocal Coach different than a Voice Teacher?

Like the name suggests, a “Vocal Coach” is a professional whose job is to “coach” a singer’s voice. Often, the term “Vocal Coach” is a blanket term used by anyone who improves the performance of their student.

A Vocal Coach’s job is to improve the performance. While a Vocal Coach may also use the title “Voice Teacher”, they may not possess the same level of education. It would be odd, as an example, for a music professor at a university to call themselves a “Vocal Coach”, even if they teach private lessons. A vocal Coach’s job rests on the assumption that a student is already able to sing well and just needs coaching in order to achieve a goal.

Some students who seek a Vocal Coach may be preparing for an audition or are studying a character for a performance.

So while a Voice Teacher is able to instruct a student of any level, the Vocal Coach must meet the student where they’re at and work primarily on improving the performance of a singer. In addition to coaching a performance, a Vocal Coach may also focus on stage movement, “acting” a song, honing vocal style or many other subjects related to the voice.

What You Will Learn:

  • Proper warm-up routines
  • How to increase your vocal range
  • Breathing techniques
  • How to achieve better intonation
  • Vocal articulation and enunciation
  • Vocal projection
  • Proper microphone technique
  • Stage presence
  • Taking care of your vocal “instrument”
  • “Secrets” of Rock and Roll singing

In-person sessions or online virtual sessions are available

Rates: $40/session or (3) sessions for $100
Pre-show preparation: $50 (this includes in-person coaching at your scheduled performance, i.e. warm-ups, guided vocal exercises)

To book a session or for more information, send an email to: briankshaffer@gmail.com or give me a call at (724) 859-4483

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